informed by transformative knowledge
guided by reflective experience
empowered by strategic vision

The Change Leader Awards™ are open to Change Leaders from across the globe leading change and innovation within their respective field of influence from business, society, environment, government, industry, and technology creating momentum in advancing any of the  17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).


Eligibility for The Change Leaders Awards™ is broad and inclusive.  All Change Leaders from all industries in both the public and private sectors can participate.  Change Leaders can be individuals, groups of individuals, from business, industry, government, NGOs, corporations, associations, agencies, institutions, social enterprises or other entities at the forefront of changes that support either directly or indirectly the Agenda 2030 of the UN SDGs.

If you are a Change Leader and would like to participate in The Change Leader Awards™ please join the International Society of Change Leaders to upload your profile.  Membership of the International Society of Change Leaders is free and open to all Change Leaders.